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We live in a day that is unparalleled to any other in history. Scriptural prophesied as one of darkest moments in history to take place just before the dawn.  

Do you see the foreign and financial influences infecting our government slowly decaying it, making it unrecognizable from the original intent of the constitution? What about the effects of political correctness, the indoctrination we’ve received from our places of education? 

Unfortunately, the nation and world in generally cannot escape reaping what it has sown.  Get prepared for an unfamiliar world that is coming. 

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help you prepare for the future.  The world rapidly changes these days.  We want to give you the information to help you prepare. To help with this the majority of information we share could fall into 3 different categories. 

Emergency Preparedness

Learn how to prepare for the worst of all situations. Having every needful thing along with the knowledge needed to survive will allow you preserve yourself and family.


Christian prophetic writings from prophets like Ezra, Daniel, Isaiah & John are difficult to understand on your first read, but when you get understand the symbolism coupled with current events then it becomes more clear.


Education & News

The past is often a construct for the future. To be able to predict the near future we have to understand the past and how it is related to current events happening today.

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The Most Applicable Prophecy For Our Day and Time

What if said that you can be 100% certain that Joe Biden will not finish his 4 your term in office? Well that might not be too surprising considering his condition. 

What if said with 100% certainty you can know that Biden’s successor will be in office a much  shorter time than him?

What if I told you that a very short time after Biden’s time has ended this country will be forming in to a new kind of global socialist government? 

It isn’t some kind of supernatural ability to foresee these things. It comes from simply understanding the symbolism in a prophecy called Ezra’s Eagle. Don’t miss it. I will be teaching it soon, so join our mailing list. 

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Latter-Day Prophesy Videos

The Blog


If you don’t understand what Zion is in its entirety then you can’t understand the Lord’s latter day plan for the house of Israel (aka

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Ezra’s Eagle

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Aliens & Bigfoot

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The Lost Ten Tribes

Who are the Lost Ten Tribes? Where did they go? When will they return? What will they do? Ancient scripture answers these questions.

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John The Beloved Is Still Alive

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwFz5FDra9k After reading that title if you’re a Christian, or anyone really, you might be thinking whaaattt? Why? well, because most Christians believe John the

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World is Headed Towards a Socialist Pootopia

You're aware of this, but not sure how to prepare

That is why I designed a pdf to help you. It prioritizes and gives you the information of what you need to do so you can be prepared.

  • Food Storage: techniques for preparing and storing 
  • Water Treatment: covering various devices and means used
  • Security: making sure you have what you need for protection
  • Electricity: How to generate and store your own
  • Hunting: know how to hunt, forage, & fish
  • Buggin-Out & In: having a survival plan in place
  • And more survival information to prepare for an unfamiliar future

Prepare Every Needful Thing PDF Guide

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