7 Unique Survival Items You May Not Be Aware Of

If you study prepping consistently you may be discouraged by the amount of websites you research that all seem to be promoting the same things blankets, hand warmers, matches, MREs, Knives…etc. 

This post isn’t boring like that. I have a list of 7 unique survival items that you may not be aware of. I personally love each one of these. Let’s get started. 

  1. The Roving Blue O-Pen Ozone Purifier

You might not be aware of this but in our opinion the best water purification systems are those that use ozone for purification. Why? Ozone is 3 oxygen molecules together sharing electrons. This arrangement is highly unstable, most ozone is found only in the upper stratosphere of the earth. 

Being in this case is a good thing because it tears other unhealthy microbes apart by trying to bond with them. 

The other great thing about ozone in water is that it increases the oxygen concentration of the water which does happen naturally when water is aerated but water that sits decreases in oxygen content and leads to breeding bacteria. 

Of course, this pen doesn’t filter anything like your harmful chemicals or metals, but most filters don’t filter out viruses because they are so small. So, this pen will be able to obliterate any viruses that are remaining after filtration. 

Another reason ozone is the best purifier is often when you filter water from a tap the chemicals that have been put act as a base. The problem then is when you filter the water you are left with cleaner water but it is then acidic (too many H+ ions). 

Adding ozone causes oxygen to bind H+ ions making you water no longer acidic. 

Ozone also removes unpleasant tastes and odors. If you have a water bottle starting to get a little smelly it wont when you start putting ozonated water into your bottle. 


  1. Battery Bank / Car Battery Jump Starter

You probably aware that these exist but may have not thought of it as applicable to your emergency survival kit. 

Obviously it would be helpful to have a battery bank to charge needed things like a phone, flashlight, drone, electric lighter..etc. But a battery bank that can jump a car is a plus. 

If the poop really hits the fan you may find yourself in a survival situation where there are more unused vehicles than people and a quick may be all it needs to take a much needed abandoned vehicle. 

NOCO Boost 

  1. EasyPower USB Batteries

You probably don’t realize this but batteries could soon become extinct, even the rechargeable ones. Big name brands like energizer have the majority of their batteries made out of Asia. A simple breakdown in trade and you have a lot less batteries being produced. 

The other problem with rechargeable batteries is you usually place them into an adapter and plug them into a hot outlet. What if you lose or break the adapter. 

The new cool survival gadget solves that problem. 

The EasyPower USB battery uses a USB connector to recharge. So you can easily recharge these batteries with your alternative survival generators. Generators like BioLite, Estream, or power bank solar chargers. 

Not only is this needed survival item. It should save you some money as well. 

  1. Personal Locator Beacon

If the person in the true story based movie 127 hours had one of these he’d probably still have his hand today. However, back in 2003 I’m pretty sure they didn’t have these. 

Anyone who goes solo should have a PLB, and if even you don’t it would probably be a good idea to have one. 

At the push of a button a PLB can transmit your GPS coordinates to the surrounding search and rescue centers in the surrounding area. 

GPS locator beacons have initiated thousands of rescues at this point.

If you’re a prepper think of a doomsday every man for himself like scenario you may think this item would be worthless to you but you should always hedge your bets and try and be as best prepared as you can be. 

I still think in the worst of apocalyptic like scenarios there will be a group of people rising to challenge to do their best to restore society and rescue who they can. 

  1. goTenna Mesh. Off Grid SMS & GPS Device

What is GoTenna? Think of it similar to a two-way radio except instead of talking you can send texts and GPS coordinates via your phone. 

The device pairs with your smartphone via bluetooth and will allow you to communicate via text message to another user with a gotenna even if your phone has no signal. The goTenna company claims that users have a range up to 4 miles. 

Unlike a two-way radio you cannot communicate via voice. However, on the upside you can send GPS coordinates to someone in your group that is nearby. Imagine trying to find some buried in an avalanche, or someone who fell several hundred feet down a steep ravine in the forest or jungle with a two way radio instead of a device that could give GPS coordinates. 

You can easily request someone’s location via text and the goTenna device lets you know if the text was received or not. 

Also what if you wanted to set up an off grid communications network for your team or neighborhood. This device could do this for you. 

  1. Gas Can

A gas can is a fairly simple item but one you may have not thought of. It is different from other cans because they have a long spout on them. In a situation where gasoline has become scarce you may need to siphon gas from wherever you can find it. Also it might be a little difficult to find a can. 

  1. Pocket Chainsaw

The pocket chainsaw is designed to cut both ways and can cut decent sized limbs in a pinch. 

It cuts better than cheap hand saws but not as good as a high quality hand saw made with strong dense metal, long teeth, and a long length. 

However, the advantage to this tool is it is lightweight and can easily fit into a pocket on a bug out bag. In case you misplaced or could not take your hatchet this is a worthwhile replacement tool. Great if you needed to cut limbs to build a shelter. 

Personally, we like the pocket chainsaws with 36” instead of 24”. Longer strokes will take more off and be less physically draining. 

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