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K. So this site is fairly new so I don’t know if the label “About Us” is correct. I’m the only one running it at this point; soo.. then, “About Me”. 

I want to say emotionally I have felt like our country and the world in general was headed towards a complete economic governmental collapse. I have felt this way for a long time, since my early 20s. 

I didn’t have the ability at that time to create a logical argument to prove these feelings but today there is so much evidence to prove the country is headed towards a complete economic collapse and governmental instability that it is no longer an argument of how but when. 

The country’s budget deficits are worse and worse each year. We print in the trillions a year at this point. It can only end in bankruptcy. 

Natural disasters seem to increase in frequency and to wreck this country time and again with no improvements to infrastructure to handle future disasters. 

Strife within different agencies and factions within the government constantly work against each other.  Civil unrest increases in our country. Influence from foreign powers and wealthy tyrants work tirelessly to tear us apart. 

Those who do not prepare themselves with food storage, tools, and other material necessities, along with the faith they need to withstand these turbulent times are like unto the foolish virgins Christ taught in his parable of the 10 virgins. The bridegroom (Christ) was coming, but those who did have oil or in other words, those who had not prepared themselves for the darkness ahead, were not able to meet him. 

I promise you, those who do not prepare will rue the days they had peace and could have prepared. It is my hope that I can inform you , so you can see the setting sun and quickly prepare. 

This page isn’t really “About Me” it is “About Us”. Let us work together so we can build a better future or our posterity. 



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World is Headed Towards a Socialist Pootopia

You're aware of this, but not sure how to prepare

That is why I designed a pdf to help you. It prioritizes and gives you the information of what you need to do so you can be prepared.

  • Food Storage: techniques for preparing and storing 
  • Water Treatment: covering various devices and means used
  • Security: making sure you have what you need for protection
  • Electricity: How to generate and store your own
  • Hunting: know how to hunt, forage, & fish
  • Buggin-Out & In: having a survival plan in place
  • And more survival information to prepare for an unfamiliar future

Prepare Every Needful Thing PDF Guide

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