Best Tasting Food Storage

What is the best tasting food storage brand? Quick Answer: Mountain House


As a prepper I’m always about food storage. Food scarcity will be a problem in the coming days as this country continues to divide and collapse from within. An economy cannot survive during a civil war and last I checked most of us don’t farm so food scarcity is extremely likely. 

During times of civil war, hyperinflation, great depression, lawlessness, foreign invasion…etc. I really don’t want to focus all my time on gathering or preparing food. Safety will be everyone’s first priority. Therefore, I would like a significant part of my food storage to be just add water ready meals. This way a significant amount of my time can be focused on other things. 

I’ve tried three different brands of add water ready meals food storage each tasting horrible before I discovered the food storage I love. And, I’m not a picky eater by any stretch. I was raised to eat everything, so I eat all my fruits and bland veggies. There is hardly anything I won’t eat, so when I say these brands taste really bad. Believe me, they do. 

Funny thing is that the reviews on all these companies said great things about the taste. I guess you can’t always trust reviews but you can trust mine. I swear to it. 

Disgusting Food Storage Brands

Honestly, I think some of these companies are taking advantage of people who don’t know any better. Prepping isn’t something most people like to spend a lot of time on and they’d like to just purchase some food storage and be done. But, I’m telling you some of these brands do not care at all about the taste of their food just that they can make them cheap. In a long term you’ll come very close to starving to death because they taste that bad.

I first tried 4patriots supply  4PatriotsSupply=Nasty food storage, it tasted awful.

Next Valley Food Storage=Nasty. Same result.

Next was Augason Farms, they were not as bad but difficult to choke down. I had to add a lot of spices and herbs to make their foods taste bearable. 

In all honesty, you’d probably be happy to have Augason Farms food storage during a time of starvation, but I’d like to have a win every once in a while. Especially, at a time when the world has gone to hell, I don’t want bad tasting meal to add to my depression. 

I was really frustrated at this point after having tried 3 different food storage brands. Luckily, I later became part of this religious facebook group whose focus was on the last-days. I asked the group what was the best tasting add water ready meal food storage. Interestingly, everyone answered “Mountain House” I mean everyone. I think out of the 20 or so responses there was only one person who mentioned another brand besides Mountain House. Sorry, I can’t remember what that brand name was.

The best tasting add water ready meal food 

So I bought a 3 day food storage supply from Mountain House and I was blown away. As far as taste, no other food storage brand comes close. Every single meal tastes awesome. And that is the reason everyone in my facebook group said “Mountain House.”

Plus, the other great thing about Mountain House food storage is you cook the meals in the bags they come in. So, they are perfect for bug out bags or in situations where you can’t carry a lot of items 

And they have a 30 year shelf life. The insurance policy doesn’t term until after 30 years but it tastes good enough that you’ll be sure not to let it go to waste.

Now there is one drawback to Mountain House food storage. It is the most expensive brand of food storage I have ever purchased. If you have the money, purchase it, because you’re out of time and in the future when food is scarce it will be worth a whole lot more than what you spent. 

Another Option

Now, if you don’t mind putting your own food storage together and would like products that are similar to Mountain House then I suggest purchasing a freeze dryer. 

Mountain Houses products are all freeze dried foods. Problem is they’re very expensive. A quality freeze dryer is going to set you back about 2,3 or 4 grand but. You’ll be able to make all the freeze dried meals you’d like and it will not cost a fortune to make. In fact, you’ll save every time you use it. Save on foods that are about to go to waste, buy bulk foods at large discounts, store leftovers. 

If you’re going to consistently utilize a freeze dryer it makes sense financially to purchase your own. If not If you don’t plan on doing that just purchase food from a company. 



Other Long Shelf Life Food Storage Options

Now, I wish I could speak more to this brand but I honestly haven’t tried them. However, I have heard from some sources and friends that Wise Company is another decent food storage brand.

It isn’t as good on taste as mountain house or have the pouches you can cook in but it is lower on price.


I’m on the lookout for a more economically good tasting brands of food storage to recommend but I have yet to find others as of yet. 

Add water ready meals is only one aspect of my food storage. Other foods that have a shorter shelf life I create an inventory sheet and periodical check what items I’m low on.

I have specific shelving that make my food storage very organized and easy to get to.

For more information on how to adequately prepare food storage click here this article goes into more depth. 

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