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List of Edible Wild Plants of North America

1. Dandelions (Taraxacum) Dandelions are a hardy plant that grows all over North America, and an underappreciated plant.  Edible Parts: The entire plant is edible, roots, stem, flower, leaves, and all. It includes many macronutrients and is loaded with antioxidants, high in vitamin K, A, B, C and others.  Flavor: Bitter, although younger plants will …

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World is Headed Towards a Socialist Pootopia

You're aware of this, but not sure how to prepare

That is why I designed a pdf to help you. It prioritizes and gives you the information of what you need to do so you can be prepared.

  • Food Storage: techniques for preparing and storing 
  • Water Treatment: covering various devices and means used
  • Security: making sure you have what you need for protection
  • Electricity: How to generate and store your own
  • Hunting: know how to hunt, forage, & fish
  • Buggin-Out & In: having a survival plan in place
  • And more survival information to prepare for an unfamiliar future

Prepare Every Needful Thing PDF Guide

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