Most Dependable Vacuum Sealers

One of the more useful tools to help you prepare your home for when the poo hits the fan is a quality vacuum sealer. There are at least 8 ways I can think of on how a vacuum sealer is going to help you. 

In this post we’ll cover the following:

  • 9 Reasons for a vacuum sealer
  • Common Problems with Vacuum Sealers
  • Our recommendations
  • Conclusion

9 Reasons For A Vacuum Sealer


  1. Preserve expensive highly perishable items like meats and cheese

Preserving highly perishable items like meats and cheeses is a common reason people purchase a vacuum sealer. Most of the time it is cheaper to purchase foods in bulk, or when you see a big discount worth taking advantage of. 

Air is your worst enemy when it comes to preserving the quality and taste of your food. You’ve probably experienced cheeze growing green and fuzzy when it has been exposed to air for too long, or the nose curling smell of rancid meat when it hits you. 

In a freezer when air comes in contact with your food it dehydrates and oxidizes causing freezer burn. Afterwards, your food is tasteless, nutrient dead, and a loss of texture.

Get as much air out as possible and you’ll reduce this risk. 

  1. Sous Vide Cooking

A vacuum sealer will allow you to cook sous vide style. What is Sous Vide Cooking? A simple way to describe it is jacuzzi cooking your food. You take a piece of meat, place it in a plastic bag, add in your marinades, spices, and anything else. 

When you’re ready to cook it you place it in a pot of water at 140 degrees fahrenheit for 1-2 hours. Then you take it out, quickly sear all sides for 1 minute to give it a crispy caramelized outside texture to hold in the juices. 

Cooks claim cooking meat this way is better because it gives a more uniform cook throughout the entire steak and holds the flavors in better. 

  1. Saving Ingredients For Later

If you have kids you know they can sometimes be very wasteful with food, and when the poo has hit the fan you probably will not have the luxury of being wasteful. In this case, you put the leftovers in a plastic bag and seal them for later. 

  1. Dry Sealing Jars

For dry ingredients that go bad such as spices, nuts, yeast, herbs — sealing them in a bag isn’t going to work. Instead seal them in a glass canning jar like a mason jar. 

If you’ve ever lived anywhere that has carpenter ants (tiny little ants that get into everything) You know they get into everything.  Dry sealing in jars is a  great way to store anything sweet such honey, sugars…etc. 

The benefit of this is you can easily open the jar, take out what you need, and easily reseal it. No wasting of plastic bags. 

  1. Keep Wine & Oils Fresh

A vacuum sealer can do this. In fact restaurants use them all the time at the end of the night so they don’t have to throw away the leftover wine in the bottles. Don’t use these with sparking wines as they will remove out a lot of the carbonation as well causing them to go flat. 

These attachments work the same way with preserving oils, vinegars, homemade infusions, or other expensive speciality products you want to preserve. 

  1. Keep Food Tasting Great

Vacuum sealing your foods will retain the moisture, juices, and overall flavor of the tastes so much better than other ways so as chilling or freezing. 

  1. Organize Your Meals

Seal individual portion sizes for your family. Portions of meats, veggies, fruits..etc. Then when it is time to eat just grab the portion sizes you need for the planned meal. 

  1. Preserve Non-Food Items

You may not have thought about using a vacuum sealer for preserving important documents such as old historical relics that are on paper, or car titles, a last will and testament.

You may want to preserve other things in an emergency kit that might lose integrity over time. Like gauze bandages, or things that shouldn’t get wet like matches. 

      9. Pickling

Simply add your brine mixtures to soak your veggies in and vacuum seal your bag. You have not only extended the life of your food by sucking out the air but natural fermentation creates good bacteria that dramatically slows the growth of bad bacteria that would cause your food to spoil.

Common Problems with Vacuum Sealers

You might falsely assume for such a simple task any vacuum sealer on the market should work but like most products they are not all created equal. And, there are a lot of dissatisfied people with their purchases. 

For example here is a list of some of the complaints I have found from reviews online. 

  1. Takes too long to suck out the air. Taking all day to get things done. 
  2. Doesn’t remove all the air
  3. Not compatible with other types of plastic bags 
  4. Is unable to remove air from jars or bottles
  5. Lasted about a couple of months before it stopped working
  6. Does not automatically shut off when done

You just need to make sure you purchase one that you can depend on, and is capable of doing everything you need it to do, and do it efficiently. Below are our recommendations. 


Vacuum Sealer Blusmart 80kpa

Our first recommendation for home use is a Vacuum Sealer with 80kpa power by Blusmart . This is a reliable vacuum sealer for smaller weight residential use. It may not work as fast as you like but it gets the job done right.

Why this is the vacuum sealer to buy over others.

  • 80kpa Vacuum Power (this is more powerful than the average)
  • LCD Display
  • Kitchen Scale
  • Removeable Drip Tray
  • Automatic Open & Close
  • Hose for Dry Sealing Jars
  • Plastic Bag Roll Dispenser
  • Built In Plastic Bag Cutter

For residential use, blusmart is the only one I recommend but if for some reason you’d like to have a different type there are several different models to choose from. Click here.

Now if your an intense prepper and have tons of things you want to vacuum seal then the above recommendation is going to take up too much of your time.

If you want a commercial grade Vacuum Sealer. Below is a link to several to choose from.


If you are serious about prepping you must invest in a vacuum sealer. They are fairly inexpensive will save you a great deal on money, and when the inevitable poo hits the fan, having adequate food storage may save you and your families lives.

We’ve listed nine uses of a vacuum sealer. Do you have any questions? Leave us a comment

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